Zelei Trace

Zelei Trace is a one-of-a-kind bespoke luxury brand for men and women with an explicit taste, designed and created from the unique lotus flower that only grows in Cambodia and is one of the most unique luxury fabrics available. 

Tracie Zelei, founder of the brand, came across the lotus fabric during her travels to the Southeast Asian country. The lotus’ unique properties, rarity, and meaningful implications are what make the fabric truly exceptional. The fabric is made all by hand. A multi-step process takes place; beginning at harvesting the lotus, then washing, trimming, and extraction of the special fiber from within, and finally spinning and weaving. The lotus represents spirituality, rebirth and wisdom.

The designs are luxurious and elegant, yet wearable and suitable for any occasion. The pieces are easy to match with every day pieces from one’s wardrobe. The lotus range is an ideal choice for anyone who appreciates unique, luxurious fabrics and who wants to own something that is truly rare and special.